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I've started a spreadshirt account with some 'off topic' nsibiri designs that I've made since starting this project. I've been designing for more than a week, but I wanted to see what the quality was like first so I ordered the pictured shirt which came out better than expected. I'll probably be the one to buy them all, but if you're interested in the designs they are available at for UK/EU people and for those in the US. UK has more because that's where I am, but if you see a design you like in the UK side then I'll make it (Spreadshirt handles everything including postage, all I do is send my designs and get commission of that).


This blog is about African writing, the nsibidi script. This website include many nsibidi symbols meaning a lot of different things. All images do not hold a copyright unless indicated so. You can copy, distribute, and sell any information/images you find on this website. Public Domain.