Ikpo Nsibiri Link (non Scibd)

I realised that on the scribd files that I posted you actually have to have a scribd account to download the files which is quite inconvenient. This WeTransfer link: takes you to where you can download the PDF of the latest version of the Nisbidi dictionary.


Nsibidi Chart Available for Viewing and Downloading

The chart above includes all the nsibiri in this system and can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF on scribd, or can be downloaded as an SVG file (for copying individual characters) here [speedy share]. There are 1400 characters. You can reference the latest Ikpo Nsibidi for meanings since the nsibidi are in the same order in the chart and Ikpo Nsibidi. The file is also embedded on the Main Files page of this blog for quicker referencing of all documents.


This blog is about African writing, the nsibidi script. This website include many nsibidi symbols meaning a lot of different things. All images do not hold a copyright unless indicated so. You can copy, distribute, and sell any information/images you find on this website. Public Domain.