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All roads truly lead to Egypt

From 'General History of Africa: Methodology and African prehistory', (1981) University of California Press.

And on a different note, I now have more nsibidi.


  1. I don't think this is enough to say "all roads truly lead to Egypt". I mean, considering that the examples of the two graphic systems are primitive in nature, it is no surprise that there would be striking similarities between the two.

  2. Many writing systems are linked to the fertile crescent and ancient Egypt, and nsibidi could be another just from all the similarities. I can understand that there will be similarities in these signs because they are drawn from the most basic areas of life, like the sun, snake, etc, but the signs like the messengers are not basic, but they are still similar.

  3. I can see what you mean, but as it stands now, I'm still very much inclined to believe that Nsibidi, along with other scripts sub-Sahara west Africa, likely developed independently of Middle Eastern scripts.



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