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I have received around two request so far to transcribe certain words into nsibidi, if you want anything transcribed you can comment here or go to the facebook page linked to the right.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I am thinking of doing place names, but I'm not sure I have 'cultivated' enough characters to do this (e.g 'Enu' 'ugwu', 'up' character and 'hill/mountain' character). I don't think it matters much because I can make them as I go, but it takes a lot of time to create characters like in the method this blog has taken because the original nsibidi characters are followed as closely as they can to keep their originality and "authenticity".

In other news, I have started to collect the common radicals of nsibidi, the most popular would be the arcs with the short lines at the end. This will make allow for an easier creation of characters and will also give them consistency.

Nsibidi is actually a good writing system to help solve the problem of Igbo intelligibility. With logographic characters (this blog is making ideographic nsibidi characters into logograms), the word does not have to be specific to a dialect. If the character for 'up' is created (or found), then no matter what Igboid language you speak, it would be able to be understood by all, e.g Enu, elu, etc. Of course this just covers literature and writing.


  1. Good job! Please keep this up.

    P.S. is this method in any way related to the Kemetic (Egyptian) hieroglyphs?

  2. Yes, this method is related to hieroglyphs, only that instead of whole words, hieroglyphs represent syllables or pronunciations. The archaic hieroglyphs actually have a lot of resemblance to nsibidi! Along with other ancient writing, so nsibidi could be an off-shoot of a system of communication that produced hieroglyphs.



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