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Akagu fonts

Click for bigger picture, it looks better.

A time waster while I try and complete this first PDF release of "neo"-nsibidi characters. What do you honestly think (although I probably shouldn't hold my breath for a reply)?


  1. I think Its EXCELLENT!!! WHAT UR DOING IS FANTASTIC!! The fifth one looks almost similar to Japanese calligraphy (more like Hiragana). Please CONTINUE TO PUMP OUT MORE!! Have u gotten word from SIPLC as of yet??

  2. hey are you a programmer? If so do you have any plans for a font standard.

    BTW, I have only a year's experience as one so I'm still a newbie

  3. STA; Thanks for feedback. I don't even know how to contact SPILC yet, I think that one will have to be a physical meeting in Nigeria.

    blessman.: The thing is I know how to make these into downloadable usable fonts, but the software is pricy so I'll wait a bit.

  4. It's okay though, I think I've found a cheaper version.



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