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Diary Aug

Just to keep you updated (and just to keep the juices flowing) I wrote another paragraph, and this time it actually means something which means that our range of characters and words is increasing!

There are three paragraphs with a header, each paragraph is exactly the same apart from the fact that they are written in different stages. The first paragraph was a simple paragraph written neatly using characters I have not yet learnt (yes, believe it or not, I have to learn, or is it better to say memorise the very characters I've made). The second paragraph is a copy of the first paragraph meaning that I would not have to check up on characters making the writing a bit more natural; the third paragraph is done after confidence was gained in writing.

As you can see, the third paragraph looks more like 'natural' writing and would be the sort of way everyday people write (instead of the perfect angular characters we see on the blog) and it makes it a lot faster. I timed the writing, although the first paragraph was a guess. The timing is in m:s:ms.

I like doing these hand writings better because they are natural (and I don't have to spend so much time making characters in applications). You can see that hand writing is better than the story I posted not long ago done digitally.

* I also wrote the paragraph in Latin which was 1:31:01

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