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Ọwụwa Ụwa Òzọ - Anaéto abụzíala nkwákpụ

Nà sinema nà ubọchi tosde ogost 11


  1. And liftoff . . . .

    I doff my hat. This is just amazing!

  2. rofl. my little cuzn confused this as Japanese. foolish little man, i enlightened him and told him that this is the script of your ancestors. He as very enthusiastic at first, but then pushed it off saying that it was copied by Asians. When will we black people take pride in something that we created?

  3. I can see how it can be confused for Chinese characters (Japanese 'copied' it off them). I saw the similarity quite a while ago as well, and the similarity is strongest here because of these particular characters and because of the format (vertical like chinese), but a key way of telling the difference between them is that Chinese characters do not contain any circles while nsibidi does. Also nsibidi is not calligraphic like traditional Chinese.

    I also saw similarities between nsibidi and hieroglyphs, and even Chinese characters and hieroglyphs. Many pictograms will probably not look too disimilar if simplified and made into compounds.

  4. How can I learn this? And could you tell me how Nsibidi is pronounced? I pronounce it like 'beginning' - Isi nbido. Is this right? I suppose if I knew what the word itself meant as opposed to what it stands for, I could pronounce it properly.
    And I want to learn!!!!

  5. Hello igbomarriage, 'nsibidi' is said to be a borrowed name from one of the languages of the Cross River and is therefore not Igbo. The meaning is obscure because the symbols are so old, but I think the way you pronounce it is correct (that's how I pronounce it too).

    You can learn nsibidi by looking up the nsibiri sources post on this blog where I posted the journals I get most of the nsibidi from. Bear in mind that many of the symbols you see on here (including in the poster on top) are compound (mixed) characters that were recently formed on this blog in order to make nsibidi better suited for everyday writing. If you have any symbols you would like to find, just ask.

  6. Nsibiri...Nsibidi? What's the difference? I'm reading your blog as I type so if I sound like idiot pupil, feel free to chew me out.

  7. Nsibidi - Cross River language word for the writing system.
    Nsibiri - Igbo variation of the word.



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