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10 Jul 2012

It takes some time trying to release the next edition of the nsibidi collection. There are many more characters already created. The issue is that is takes some time digitising them and in order to create bigger updates there has to be at least 80 made in each edition so it takes time.

The characters themselves may not be used too often but it's best they are all done before proceeding with the project in order to accurately simulate the use of the new writing system. The characters left to be made include some more obscure words that even most languages don't use on a frequent bases. There are some words that will not have characters simply because there is no need and akagu can fill in for this.

There has been only one other language that has been tested this new writing system and that is Mbembe from the Ogoja area of Northern Cross River State in Nigeria thanks to a native speaker.

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  1. AMAZING! SIMPLY AMAZING!! What's the word on your efforts to push for the standardization of nsibiri?



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