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Igbo speaking map [Alaigbo]

Another example here, this time a map with the boundary of the Igbo-speaking communities and the major towns labelled in neo-nsibidi. I had to figure out the meanings of many of the towns and cities names, but for the most part when I wasn't 100% sure about a particular definition I left out nsibiri and put it into akagu, this ọka, opobo and agbọ. The two large characters on the right are 'ala' and 'Igbo', or "Igboland". The image is free so you can use it where you went, and how and when you want, well, if you want. Just link back to this blog please.

Oh, and I translated 'Atlantic Ocean', and 'Bight of Bonny' into terms I made. Respectively they are transliterated as 'Ebezi [old Onicha word for Ocean] nnu úkwú o-ri-mmiri', or 'Ebezi nnukwu Orimiri', (orimiri is Igbo for Niger River; please excuse the lack of accents and stuff) this would translate roughly as the "Great Niger Ocean"; and 'Nn-tá àlà ụbani' or 'Ntá àlà ụbani' (ubani is where the word 'Bonny' was corrupted from by Europeans), translates as "A/The bite of land of Bonny", in reference to how a bight looks like a bite has been taken off the land by the ocean.

As always, tell me what you think in the comments.

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