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Train 'Ugbo' [vessel] + 'Usoro' [order]. This was a term that was made here by the way.


  1. Awesome updates. Could you do more stuff with the script on signs? And more brand name items like Omo lol. Also do you think one day that your script may have use in states in the SE states of Nigeria? Thanks again

    Also what is your response to someone who says this:

    "Romanticizing a culture is a insult to the original culture. More importantly, vanity scripts are childish."

    1. I'll do more update. The script already being used, depending how you look at it (by some "secret" societies). I don't expect 100% of people to use the script, but I feel it could catch on.

      As to the quote, I'm guessing that's someones opinion of this (kind) of project? Well I really don't understand what would be romanticising here since this is an original culture. Maybe the person may have been mistaken and hasn't got really understood what is being done here. I'm 100% certain that if this person is referring to this project, then they aren't very knowledgeable of the Igbo language or writing systems in general. But this is only if they are referring to this project.




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