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Ikpo nsibiri unavailable

I've taken down the Nsibiri dictionary and the message below in reply someone to an enquiry of its whereabouts contains the reasons;
Hello, I purposely took down the dictionary since it was a draft and I was still working on it. I didn't want to keep something up that was unfinished in case others are mislead. If you you are still interested in using the symbols anyway I believe you can search scribd for "Ikpo nsibidi" as some other users have reuploaded various versions of the glossary. I've pasted a link to the search at the end of this message. Thanks for your interest and I will be sure to upload a more finalised version in the future.


  1. That explains why I couldn't find an open copy on scribd, I have one question, do you have a Nsibidi radical list I could see so that I could attempt to adapt the script to other languages, and I also wish to know why you don't post the dictionary on free file share sites?

    1. I have the radical list, it's in the glossary that I have temporarily taken down. I enabled download on the scribd script which is why there are older version uploaded elsewhere by other. I'll try my best to hurry with the next revision.



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