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It works!

No, I haven't forgotten. But I was just going back to read things I hadn't read in a long time, and although some characters had escaped my memory, I can proudly say that I could read the text fluently and the system actually works, and works in the way I intended it to in the sense that I could instantly understand what a word meant instead of running through 50 different homonyms in my head to make sense of the sentence.

Stay tuned, I'm still editing and polishing the character index/dictionary.


  1. Brotherman, bless you for striving to revive an important and necessary artform. I don't know scribd but I found your work searching for nsibidi. any idea on when it will be available? I wish to wear your work on my skin.O. Njoku

    1. I believe I'll be done with the index/dictionary by February where I'll post it here via scribd. I am trying to clean up the index, so that's what's going on now.



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