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Ikpo Nsibiri Link (non Scribd)

I realised that on the scribd files that I posted you actually have to have a scribd account to download the files which is quite inconvenient. This Dropbox link: takes you to where you can download the PDF of the latest version of the Nisbidi dictionary.


  1. The download is no longer available. Will you upload the dictionary again?

    1. There is a new link via dropbox.

  2. Hi Gin,
    Firstly, this is a fantastic project! I am a documentary filmmaker based in NYC. I'm doing research on a new film about nsibidi, and would love to chat briefly with you about the neo-nsibidi project. I just sent an email with more details to this address: Please let me know if you don't receive it / if this is the correct address. Looking forward to hearing from you. Keep up the fantastic work!



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